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created:5563 days ago
about:PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (akkartik's idea)

If you're new here, don't get suckered by the outdated install instructions on this site. Use the community-maintained instructions at the arc wiki: Then come back here to ask us questions!



I try out different things in Arc sometimes, but mostly I just like to ponder it. My home languages are Groovy and Java, but I spend lots of my time learning new languages and thinking about language design.


...Hey, actually, that's not so accurate anymore. I've done a lot in Arc now, from Lathe (a collection of libraries which use a namespace system, which include iteration utilities and adventures in extensibility), to Penknife (an Arc-ish programming language built in Arc, with emphasis on generating code for other languages). Besides that, I also help out where I can with Arc implementations, giving bug reports and ranting about my own design opinions. ^_^

As far as other languages go, I haven't programmed in Groovy for quite a while. Recently, I've been honing my JavaScript so that the things I make can be written once and run in any web browser. JavaScript's stack size limitations and lack of tail call elimination are probably going to drive me to implement another language on top of it sooner or later, but I'm actually trying to get myself more directly involved in my hobby projects, rather than getting caught up in language design all the time.


Some things I've done: Some big ideas: